Searching for and using Voice apps will increase explosively

Searching for and using Voice apps will increase explosively

In the coming years you will notice that more and more things that are now done online, by using a mouse or keyboard, will become voice-controlled. Look at the car industry: many cars already have a certain form of voice recognition. It does not always work flawlessly, but the systems are getting better. This development also means that we have to adapt ourselves again to the new reality. First there was ‘the internet’, then ‘social media’, or ‘web 2.0’, then the mobile revolution, the explosion of social media and the imminent demise of e-mail as the only way of online communication… Communication takes place via platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

The next phase is approaching: Voice. And contrary to what many may think, for Voice the winner will take everything. Where Google traditionally shows 10 search results (no, no one takes a look at page 2 anymore) and some ads, with Voice it’s only the number 1 that counts. Alexa from Amazon gives you one option. That is the option that Amazon thinks is relevant to you. Of course there is also a second choice, but that must be asked for and that takes time. And let time be something that we are all looking for….

In the automotive
Those looking for “Volkswagen Golf Maintenance” will see a dozen proposals, in addition to those who advertise. If the same question is asked to Siri, there will only be one option. You may also want to read my earlier blog on this topic. As a provider, you have to make sure that you are mentioned instead of your colleague.

Is there any other way?
It is nice to investigate how voice control can be used. For example, when scheduling appointments with customers. Should this always be done by the KCC or the receptionist? Or can this be done in a different way? Brian Benstock, a Honda dealer that I’ve already written a lot about, makes arrangements with Google Voice. And, as always, he does that with a certain vision. He wants to offer his customers a smooth experience. If you watch the video, you will also see that it is advantageous to be a dealer in a large stand. And you see that it’s useful to use voice control. And why wouldn’t you like that? We are busier every day.

You have to see how smart the Google Voice Assistant is (see the video above), making a simple hairdressing appointment is almost indistinguishable from reality. The question is, where are we in three years? How good is voice control by that time? Can the consumer make a direct appointment by using Voice himself? The answer is of course: yes! And what savings does that yield? Or, what other activities can my people do?

Artificial Intelligence
And then you there is something like Artificial Intelligence (AI), or algorithms that are self-learning! This example is from a Lead Management System (LMS) that makes an appointment with the customer through a chat / mailbot without the need for a salesperson. All these developments are not of the future, they are already there. They are used by vendors and dealers and they are successful with it. Honda Paragon wants to double in a non-growing market. This is only possible if you offer an experience in sales, as well as aftersales, that fits the time in which we now live: 2018. Be aware that Voice, and everything that comes with it, will grow exponentially in the coming years. Therefore, make the right decisions now. Only then are you the winner, the real winner of tomorrow!

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