A day of selling in Doesburg

Last Monday, on Whit Monday, I got to run the store in Doesburg all by myself! Gerard was on a well-deserved week-long vacation and Duncan also had a day off… although Duncan was there for an hour to make all the price cards, because I can’t do that… but after that, it was me, myself, and I in Doesburg!

One of the reasons to start in Doesburg was because I missed it, just being in the store, retailing cars, microcars, selling to the end-user. Physically, online, via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or by phone: it doesn’t matter! I got a taste of it on Saturday. I was going to help Duncan tidy up because we received some new cars at our Experience Store Doesburg branch, and they were just scattered everywhere. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, besides weeds on the driveway, it’s cars parked everywhere instead of properly parked!

Now that was quickly sorted, and before we knew it, it was past five, and Duncan had written up two cars and I was the help for the coffee, the dishes, getting the cars ready, putting on the green plates, and being a jack of all trades, wonderful!

But then I had to do it alone on Monday! I thought it would be busy, which it wasn’t, but I enjoyed walking around in my own two stores, the Ligier Store Doesburg with Atelier and the Experience Store Doesburg, thinking and setting things up differently. Ordered signage where needed, rearranged desks where possible, and even vacuumed the whole place, just because it needed it, but mostly because it was fun!

And still, people came by who had been there before for a Lynk & Co. They wanted to take another test drive, then we had coffee together, presented the proposal, and used the argumentation why it’s a good idea to go for it now when they had doubts! And… the order was placed! The feeling I got was amazing, just fun and valuable that I get to do this. I get to write about it, think about it, present about it, but I also get to just do it! And yes, many things are really challenging, harder, more difficult than expected, but I don’t want to miss the experience, to actually work with a good practical example to make online automotive better together!


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