Do you listen to the phone calls from your salesmen?

Call Track Manager: The new service from #DCDW

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Did you know that the telephone lead is the best convertible lead you can receive in your car company? 70% of people who call for information buy a car within two weeks (source: 2014). Did you know that at Marktplaats, where we work with call track numbers, 11% of the calls are not answered? Did you also know that 22% is the basic conversion of a sales call? So, if you receive 100 calls from people who are interested in a new or used car, your sellers must bring 22 of them to a sale. Question is actually: do you know it?

Call Tracking

Nowadays you can measure everything through call tracking. At the #DCDW we are the reseller for Adcalls’ automotive and with that we can provide you with a service where you can make clear at every marketing channel how many sales calls are coming in via Marktplaats, Autotrader, your own website, or via a Direct Mailing. You can see all telephone numbers from which you can see whether they have been answered, how long has been spoken, and more importantly, which marketing source has now caused the telephone to ring?

Listen afterwards?

Now the sales conversion funnel with call leads looks different than with the online leads, where we work with the 60% rule. After all, if you have a call lead, you already have a dialogue (when you answer, of course) and thus the first 40% profit. The funnel looks like this in the base: 100 calls, 60 appointments, 36 who show up and 22 who buy. So 22% of all sales calls should change into a sale. If you have activated call tracking, for which you do not need another telephone exchange, you can have the calls made by our Quality Managers and have them reviewed. In our BDC we also listen to the conversations of our Sales Traders and with that we have the entire infrastructure to assess the salesmen.

After all, have the conversations been conducted in the right way? After all, someone is calling on a VW Golf, which has just been sold, but where you have 5 equivalent, do you let it end the call or show that you have alternatives? We assess the interviews on the basis of 10 different KPIs and report on the recommendations each month. This allows your sales managers to coach and guide the sales staff in a better way and you know how many sales you can expect on the basis of the call track reports that you can follow in real time. After all, you do want to know what potential you have, right?

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