Do you switch your online leads as well?

Switch leads

We recently visited a workshop by Jasen Rice at the NADA in Las Vegas! We attended his presentation with a clear purpose: Jasen is coming to our #DCDW Events in Antwerp and Almere on April 16th and 17th, so it’s good to know what he’s focused on.

Multiple presentations

I have seen several presentations by Jasen, and I’ve also read his book (WTF – Work the Facts) three times. In this case, it’s not very difficult to read the same book three times. The book isn’t very thick, and the content is good. So good that I read it three times to truly understand everything Jasen meant! The presentation at the NADA gave me several aha moments. Everything came together, such as how to calculate or study the health of your inventory.

WTF - Jasen Rice's book
Jasen Rice

Switch leads

Jasen also mentioned switch leads! These are leads that come in on already sold cars and switch to another car. That got me thinking. At our Experience Store, where we sell a lot of Lynk & Co’s, we deal with a lot of switch leads. For example, the inquiry that comes in via Marktplaats for the cheapest Lynk & Co can easily be convincingly switched to another Lynk & Co that is available. This actually happens unconsciously because the Lynk & Co’s are identical except for the color and mileage.

In practice

After Jasen’s presentation, I introduced the phenomenon of ‘switch lead’ to our colleagues in Doesburg to consciously apply it to all inventory cars and mopeds. So, offer alternatives matching the search query with every request. A new Ligier JS60 could be an alternative for a slightly used one.

A good example was our Kia Picanto. It was listed at a very attractive price, so we received more than ten leads in two days. You can only sell a car once, so the others were out of luck, or were they? We looked at our alternatives: a SpaceStar, a C1, and a Twingo, all around the same age and price.

We then contacted the leads, told them the Picanto was sold, and offered an alternative. The first customer thought the SpaceStar was a great idea and made an appointment for Friday. Another customer also liked the SpaceStar and could come see it on Wednesday. On Wednesday, we sold the SpaceStar, and the customer who was supposed to come for the SpaceStar on Friday switched to the Twingo.

They were all customers from the area, but also all leads for the Kia. We’ve become more aware that the customer doesn’t always know what they want until you suggest something that might also fit: the switch lead! You get leads for a Kia Sportage, which has just been sold, you can then call to say the customer is out of luck, or you can offer them a Hyundai Tucson. The opportunity is there; the seller just has to present it to score.

Jasen Rice - keynote speaker at the #DCDW events on April 16th and 17th, 2024
Come to #DCDW

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about the methods and especially the vision of Jasen Rice? Then sign up for our #DCDW Events in Antwerp or Almere. Participation is free for dealers, car dealerships, importers, and leasing companies!

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