Out and about with Jasen Rice

In the past few days, it finally happened: the first #DCDW events of 2024, featuring keynote speaker Jasen Rice! Call me a bit autistic, but for our gatherings, I always follow the same schedule. On Monday, I pick up the guests from Schiphol or Amsterdam and take them to their hotel in my hometown, De Steeg. In the evening, my wife and I have dinner with our guests at the same hotel, and the next day we drive early to our first #DCDW event, this time in Antwerp.

Antwerp first!

The drive to Antwerp is actually the most important. In the car, I can pursue my automotive university. We talk for at least two hours. About life, business, and various other topics. It’s during such a drive that you really connect with the speaker and get a sense of what he has to offer.

The event in Antwerp is a copy of the event we hold in the Netherlands, it’s actually a sort of try-out. What goes well, what can be improved, and what can still be enhanced? As an organization and presenters, we need to discuss more Belgian cases and examples. That is logical, since the Belgian market is not interested in Dutch cases. Moreover, there’s plenty happening in the Belgian automotive sector.

After the event, the DCDW team, and a few partners, go for a bite to strengthen connections and friendships. During the event, it was noticeable that Jasen Rice has a connection with Michel van Roon in terms of content. It was fascinating to see that discussions about how to facilitate and optimize used car management continued at the table.

#DCDW Almere

Our event in Almere is our conclusion. Always Almere, always the same hall, and with some minor interruptions, for ten years now. I don’t find it the trendiest hall or location, but back then, I needed a large hall, with good screens, good technical people, a good lunch, and plenty of parking spaces! So, if in 2024 we have 199 registrations with an eventual top attendance of 172 scanned participants, you understand the choices.

The panel discussion with Stefanie van Dijk, Michel van Roon, Maarten Bekkers, and Hielke Ytsema was well-received, as was the fire chat with Dave Stevenson and Stefanie van Dijk. The afternoon program was kicked off by power women Celine van Erp and Noami Looije on the chat integration of Marktplaats and Louwman.

Jasen Rice

The most important part of the program remains the keynote speaker, in this case, Jasen Rice. We’ve been organizing these events for over twelve years now. I’m no expert, but every expert says you should never let someone speak for more than 30 minutes. Jasen has shown that rule is nonsense! He gave a presentation on how to better manage your used car inventory, your leads, and your marketing in the automotive industry. With practical examples and applications that you can use tomorrow. His presentation lasted more than two hours, and the only complaint was that it ended after those two hours.

DCDWeekupdate Antwerp

Good news: on November 19 and 20, 2024, we’re doing it again. In the same way, following the same schedule. This time with keynote speaker Michael Cirillo! Interested? You can sign up already!

Antwerp: https://www.dcdw.nl/dcdw-event-antwerpen-najaar/

Almere: https://www.dcdw.nl/dcdw-event-almere-najaar/

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