The last column of 2023

Being consistent requires discipline, I realize that as I write this column on an early Thursday morning. This year as well, I have had the opportunity to write an article or a column every week about online automotive, the industry, leads, marketing, and other matters that occupy my mind.

I ultimately don’t need much time to write a column or an article.

Always be a student of the business!

I often have enough topics. It could be a remark from someone, a quote that pops up somewhere, or just the news that I follow as a student of the business. Give me five minutes, and the article is done. After that, Dick Braakhekke goes through the text to ensure there are no spelling or style errors because I don’t submit the text completely clean. Dick tries to preserve my writing style as much as possible; my voice must be clear and recognizable.

In 2024, I will once again write 52 articles for Linkedin and for the newsletter (subscribe via this link). I will also have the privilege of writing twelve columns for Automotive Magazine for the fifth year in a row. In addition, there are numerous Linkedin Lives, #DCDW podcasts, MobTalk podcasts, and of course, our #DCDW Events.

DCDWeekupdate Paul en Gerben

Content is the foundation

Creating content to improve the online automotive industry has led to the development of a business with Gerben Beck and our team at #DCDW. Together, we aim to enhance the online automotive industry. This helping hand is quite stable, even though there is not necessarily a direct business model attached to it. Since the start of #DCDW in 2017, we have been profitable, growing each year, and without debts. This allows me to also venture into businesses such as Carmen Automotive BDC, Il Fienile – De Steeg, and of course, the Ligier Store Doesburg.

Ultimately, I owe all of this to more than 15 years of writing articles, all with the goal of helping others in the online automotive industry by offering the best content I can create. I am incredibly grateful to you, the reader, for that! Until next year.

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