Why you must invest and take the time!

We’ve been back from NADA for two weeks now, and many people ask me if it’s worth investing so much time, energy, and thus money into such an event. My answer is always the same: yes! If you want to grow as an entrepreneur, as an employee, and also as a company, sometimes you need to take a step back. And it’s valuable to hear something different from the stories you already know. It can happen that you come back with a completely different idea, a different vision, or mindset, even though those new insights weren’t even addressed at the conference itself.

Flip side

The flip side of the NADA trip is that such a week-long journey is quite long. It explains why our #DCDW Events in April are always the best attended. I give my summary there of all the new developments, insights, and software solutions. Not that my opinion is gospel, everyone has different issues and solutions in mind, but what I bring back from the NADA does provide direction and hopefully inspiration.

No time is an excuse

So I find it quite difficult that colleagues, under the guise of ‘scheduling’, ‘busyness’, or ‘something came up’, don’t want to invest a day in our DCDW Events to improve. The meetings are precisely intended to collectively improve the online automotive industry!

The upcoming edition is particularly important for anyone who wants to learn more about how to look at their used car inventory. We all know that a car sits for about 90 days. With an interest rate above 6%, that’s simply too long. In the US, they consider 30 days unacceptable and do everything to reduce the number of days.

#DCDW lot's party - Jasen Rice

Jasen Rice

Our keynote speaker Jasen Rice specializes in stagings. With his company Lotpop, which stands for ‘lot party’, Jasen makes a party out of your showroom. At NADA, he gave a fantastic presentation on how to measure, check, and adjust your inventory based on your four-week average. Jasen talked in his presentation about bleeding inventory units in the inventory list: from one 14-day bucket to another. In plain English, Jasen talked about KPIs that nobody in the Benelux has even measured or is aware of.

In addition to Jasen and my presentations on the latest developments from NADA, Dave Stevenson from Rhino! Rhino is a British and recently also a European automotive marketing agency, mainly specialized in offline events (the so-called VIP events). He talks about the transition from online to offline, instead of the other way around!

Participation in the #DCDW Events on April 16 in Antwerp and April 17 in Almere is free for employees of dealerships, car dealers, leasing companies, and importers thanks to our partners!

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