A successful lead follow-up in the automotive industry!

Following leads in the automotive industry

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How can you best deal with the follow-up of online leads? How are you going to be as successful as possible? These are basic questions that many dealers struggle with, but which are actually very easy to answer. The answer cannot be found in starting or not starting a CCC / BDC or replacing all your sales people. No, the answer is much simpler: ‘We have to realize that we are part-sellers’.

Auto responder

In fact, it means that if we receive online leads, we do not want to sell a car immediately, but first have to praise ourselves … .. That starts with the auto responder. What’s in it? What do you promise the customer? What claim do you lay down and, above all, what is the benefit for the customer when you contact them later on?

Sell the appointment

If you have the dialogue, do not immediately sell the car. So, do not immediately qualify the lead by calculating trade-in prices, for example. If the customer is in your showroom later on, you really do not have to make clear how much he has to pay right away. In fact, if you want to know why the showrooms are so empty, then here is your answer.

You are going to get a discussion over the price, but do you want to have that discussion face-to-face or rather over the phone? The answer is simple. You want to conduct this price discussion when you have been able to sell the added value in the sales discussion. You discuss this when you are discussing the new car and not when you are focusing on the trade-in price, and therefore the old car.

Now sell the car

In the physical conversation you have all the advantages of the dealer company, the test drive and the biggest advantage … yourself! People prefer to buy from people they trust and that are energetic and professional. The test drive sells the car, the product information shows that the price is fair and transparent to both sides and you show why ‘award’ can still be important.
Following Leads in 2017 has more to do with real sales techniques than many people think… Whoever does not realize this, loses.


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